Welcome to the Brushett Research Group!

Our mission is to accelerate the development of transformative electrochemical energy systems with an overarching goal of enabling sustainable technologies. To this end, we employ microfluidic, electrochemical, and spectroscopic methods to understand the fundamental atomic and molecular-level science that challenges next-generation devices. Building on this knowledge, we then apply engineering principles to design high performance electrochemically-active materials and to develop efficient electrochemical processes. Though this approach is broadly applicable, we are particularly interested in electromobility and distributed energy storage realized through fuel cells, advanced batteries, and electrolyzers. News:
♦ Welcome to our newest group member, Jarrod Milshtein!

♦ Welcome to our newest group members: John Barton, Steven Brown, and Jeff Kowalski!

♦ Dr. Emily Carino presents at Fall MRS Meeting

Prof. Brushett gives an invited talk at the ECS Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

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