Alon Grinberg Dana

AlonPostdoctoral Associate

Alon Grinberg Dana was born in Israel. He received his BSc in Biochemical Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of technology in 2010. During his bachelor’s degree, he was involved in three research projects: 1) designing and solving a coupled ocean-atmosphere model for the global CO2 cycle at varied mean global temperatures, 2) designing a sound sensor based on nano-carbon tubes, and 3) optimization of fluorine-doped tin oxide thin films for photovoltaics, which was his senior research project. After working on a variety of research topics in Chemical Engineering, he decided to focus on energy research.

In 2010, he started his PhD at the Ed Satell Nitrogen-Based Fuels Laboratory at the Grand Technion Energy Program, mentored by Prof. Gideon S. Grader and Dr. Gennady E. Shter. As a researcher in the lab, he took part in initiating the nitrogen-based fuels project, aiming to provide a means for chemical storage of renewable hydrogen via abundant atmospheric nitrogen as the carrier. He studied the high pressure continuous combustion and thermal analysis of a model nitrogen-based fuel, and was involved in catalysis, simulation, ignition, corrosion, and safety studies of the fuels.

He is currently a post-doctorate researcher at Prof. Green’s group. His research is focused on nitrogen chemistry and enhancing the automated rate-based Reaction Mechanism Generator software developed by the group. In his spare time he enjoys woodworking and running.