Anj Fayemi

AnjUndergraduate Researcher


My name is Anj Fayemi and I just finished my first summer as an undergraduate researcher within the Green Group. I am currently a sophomore year at MIT, pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering.

I joined the Green group because I was excited to do research that is directly related to a real-world problem: the effects on current transportation avenues and vehicles on the environment and the plan to enhance them for greater environmental benefits. I was also eager to learn new skills to systematize and organize existing data for use by various professionals in other teams on the “Mobility of The Future: vehicles and Fuels” project, which has been my main focus within the group.

I grew up a stone’s throw (if you can throw really, really far) away in Lagos, Nigeria. I spend my time beyond school work, recording and writing rap and Afrobeat music, playing soccer, writing and performing comedy skits and dancing vigorously to invisible crowds in my room.