Ava Waggett

AvaUndergraduate Researcher

Email: awaggett@mit.edu

My name is Ava Waggett and I am in my first year as an undergraduate researcher within the Green Group. Currently in my junior year at MIT, I am pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering along with a minor in Computer Science.

Fascinated by the intersection of chemistry and computational simulation, I joined the Green Group for the unique opportunity to expand my programming skills within the realm of chemical engineering. Within the group, my main focus has been in developing molecular fingerprints to be fed into machine learning models for predicting reaction kinetics.

Quite literally a Boston T ride away from campus, I grew up in Braintree, Massachusetts. When not holed up in my dorm room deciding on the best approximation to the Navier-Stokes Equation or model to capture fugacity (because who needs ideality?), I can be found running along the Esplanade or fawning over my four adorable dogs.