Kehang Han

KehangGraduate Student

I was born and grew up in southern China, later moved north for college (Tsinghua Univ.) where I participated in lots of research projects from catalyst, polymer, protein to finally optimization algorithm design. In 2012 I moved again to US for graduate education in MIT.

Currently I’m the lead developer of an open source project RMG-Py, an automatic reaction network generation software suite developed in Green Group at MIT.

My research interest is to apply high performance computing and machine learning techniques into RMG for computational energy applications. I’ve been working on

  • RMG memory usage optimization and parallelism
  • molecular property predictions by convolutional neural networks
  • construction of integration test platform for RMG
  • subsurface oil and gas modeling for Eni

  • In my spare time, I like to do fun projects which include

  • Smart Amazon Review Summarizer
  • Sidney-Pacific website chair
  • Hand Gesture Recognition
  • Web version of RMG-Py
  • Data-driven energy disaggregator
            (3rd prize in MIT Energy Hackathon)

  • For more details, please follow my personal website and blog.