Ryan Gillis

RyanGraduate Student

Email: rgillis@mit.edu

I grew up in Lake Jackson which is a small coastal town in south Texas notable for its chemical industry. I attended high school there where I had my first scientific experiences in my chemistry classes. I enjoyed the courses so much that during my final year of high school I was hired by the school district to manage the chemistry labs. After graduating, I attended Brigham Young University where I majored in Chemical Engineering. At Brigham Young University, I worked with Dr. Thomas Fletcher on the characterization of macromolecular structure elements of oil shale. I also spent some time with Dr. Alonzo Cook on a tissue engineering project. During my summers I interned at Los Alamos National Laboratory (2013) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2014) where I worked on carbon sequestration and nanocrystal self-assembly projects, respectively.

After graduating from BYU, I chose to continue my education at MIT. Here I have joined the Green Group and am particularly focusing on sulfur chemistry. My work is both experimental and computational in nature and aims to enhance the capability to predict the kinetics of reactions involving sulfur containing species. This increased capability has economic repercussions due to the many commercial reactions in which sulfur plays an important role.

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my wife Marcela. Together we enjoy sailing, cooking, eating, and the outdoors.