Shamel Merchant


Graduate Student


I hail from Mumbai in India and completed all of my schooling there before I came to MIT for my graduate studies. Interestingly I have rarely (like never) ever visited any other city in India in the 21 years I stayed there. I would like to change this someday though!

Currently I am a full time graduate student in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the MIT where I work with the Green Group. My research is primarily focused on developing detailed fuel models for next generation alternative fuels like butanol, biodiesel and cellulosic derivatives (like dimethyl furan, furfural).These fuel models will then be used  in engine simulations in order to understand their impact in current (spark ignition, compression ignition) and advanced engines (homogenous charge compression, dual fuel engine). The models coupled with fluid dynamic simulation will aid in development of better engines and policy decisions for the future.

In my spare time I work as a volunteer at various organizations. Currently I am a volunteer for tutoring mathematics for the MIT Adult Education program run by the Women’s League at MIT and basic computer training at Freshpond for senior citizens and low income families.