Soumya Gudiyella


Postdoctoral Associate


Soumya Gudiyella is from Warangal, India. Soumya completed her Bachelors in Chemical Engineering at Osmania University in 2006.

After completing her undergraduate studies, she went to the University of Illinois at Chicago to pursue PhD in Chemical Engineering, under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth Brezinsky. During her PhD, she investigated the combustion chemistry of jet fuels in a single pulse shock tube under high pressure (25-50 atm) and high temperature conditions (1000-2000 K). She also developed chemical kinetic mechanisms for combustion of aromatic components of jet fuels. Soumya obtained her PhD in 2012.

After obtaining her PhD, Soumya worked as a Research Engineer at General Electric (GE) Global Research in Bangalore, India, from 2012-2015. At GE, she has learned how to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and industrial application.

At General Electric, Soumya developed reduced order kinetic mechanisms for prediction of emissions (NOx, CO and soot) from different fuels such as natural gas, jet fuel, heavy fuel oil and diesel. These mechanisms were used in Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations (CFD) and in detailed chemical reactor networks to identify the regions in combustor where maximum pollutants were produced. These modeling studies helped in proposing combustor design modifications to reduce the emissions. At GE, Soumya has also worked with diverse teams and understood the power of collaboration in solving tough problems.

Soumya joined the Green Group in May, 2015. Her research focus is to improve the crude oil upgrading process by treating crude oil with supercritical water. During her post-doc Soumya is diversifying her experimental capabilities by quantifying complex fuels using 2-D gas chromatography and nuclear magnetic resonance techniques. Soumya is also expanding her mechanism development capabilities by generating natural gas combustion mechanisms using Reaction Mechanism Generator (RMG).

Other than research, Soumya likes traveling, reading and writing.