Yury Suleymanov


Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: ysuleyma@mit.edu

I joined the Green group as a roving postdoctoral fellow for the Princeton Combustion Energy Frontier Research Center (CEFRC) in December 2011.
I obtained my MSc and PhD in Physical Theoretical Chemistry from the Moscow State University in the group of Prof. Alexei Buchachenko. Before arriving at MIT, I spent 2 years as a Royal Society Newton International Fellow at the University of Oxford with Prof. David Manolopoulos working on application of path integrals methods to gas phase chemical reactions.

My research interests are in area of computational chemistry & chemical engineering with focus on the development of the next generation quantum chemistry and dynamics approaches to various chemical kinetics and dynamics problems.

I developed the RPMDrate code for calculating chemical reaction rates.

For more information, please visit my website at http://www.mit.edu/~ysuleyma/