Zan Liu


Graduate Student


I was born in a small city in North China. I spent my childhood living in a small village. At that time, the biggest fun for me was fishing in the river and climbing hills. After I began my school life, I had to spend more time dealing with the heavy workload. That made me very uncomfortable. But fortunately, I went it through thanks to the support from my family and friends. In 2002, I was admitted to department of chemical engineering, Tsinghua University. The fun time began again. I could freely pick any courses I like. I could travel around. Also, I made many good friends.

The year 2003 is an important year for me. In August, a girl transferred to my class from another major. One month later, she became my girlfriend. Five years later, she became my wife. She changed me. I became more concerned about our future, which drove me work harder and think further. I began to understand the responsibility a man should take for his family as well as for the society.

In 2006, I went to department of chemistry to pursue my Master’s Degree. My advisor is one of the youngest academicians in China. He is gentle, smart and influential. He is my idol. Also, his big research group was just like a big family. Other members not only helped me in research but also gave me good suggestions in life. In 2008, there were two important things for me. The first one: I got married. The second one: we both got admitted to ChemE@MIT. I have to admit that I am a lucky man.

In the winter 2008, I joined Prof. Green’s group and began the research of ‘sequestrating CO2 from syngas’. I like applied research, especially those with a specific goal.  So, I have strong motivation to do it well. But my previous research and education were all about polymer stuff, so I have to spend much time learning chemical engineering concepts and methodology which can sooth the transition. I am doing my best…